Saskatoon meals blogger Mila Clarke Buckley shares the concept of ​​swapping out the porch for the vacations

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – A Saskatoon blogger shared her solution to having a socially distant vacation dinner with family and friends during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mila Clarke Buckley came up with the idea of ​​”Porch Swaps”.

“We’ve decided the safest way to stay home is. We’ve all done things that we’re really good at,” said Buckley. “My mom makes delicious macaroni and cheese, and I make good rolls. We got BBQ from a food truck and cut it all up in Tupperware and put it on each other’s porches to say ‘hello’ and ‘I wanted to see’ you. ‘”

Also known as Hangry Woman on Instagram, she blogs a lot about food and gives various cooking and recipe tips.

Buckley is fighting type 1.5 diabetes. One of her parents is also chronically ill, so sharing porches was the safest way to enjoy everyone’s presence during Thanksgiving.

“One of the things I always do is check my pantry and take stock of what I already have,” she said.

Buckley said you might not even have to pick up extra ingredients.

She also suggested preparing a smaller holiday meal instead of a multi-course extravaganza. Chicken or pork loin might also be cheaper alternatives than the usual turkey or ham.

She said they plan to swap food and porch for Christmas. Not only does this lower the risk of spreading the virus, but it is also cheaper to prepare just one dish than an entire meal.

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