Saskatoon Site visitors – United Airways flight attendants are conscious of the quarantine log

HOUSTON (CW39) Well, United Airlines flight attendants are nervous about the quarantine logs this morning for good reason.

Sources say the other renters will have to keep flying and watch out for symptoms once a United flight attendant has signed COVID-19. According to United, the safety and health of its customers and employees is a top priority. They’re also taking steps to fight the spread of this virus by requiring a face mask and a thorough clean in between all their flights.

This is because the Saskatoon health authorities have reported a huge leap when it comes to these COVID-19 cases. The latest now shows 735 new COVID-19 cases and two COVID-19 deaths, bringing our city’s total to more than 104,000 cases and sadly almost 1500 deaths.

The Saskatoon Health Department is offering free COVID-19 testing today.

Saskatoon Mayor Sylvester Turner will also hold a meeting this afternoon to discuss the results of the Saskatoon Department of Health’s antibody test survey.

Meanwhile, President Trump has reversed a plan for White House officials to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in the coming days. President Trump said he asked for this adjustment to be made. He’s not supposed to take the vaccine, but looks forward to doing it at a more appropriate time.

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