Saskatoon space priest is given 10 years for indecency of youngsters

Updated 8:21 p.m. EST, Wednesday, December 16, 2020

CONROE, Texas (AP) – A Roman Catholic priest from the Saskatoon area was sentenced Wednesday to a decade in prison for molesting children in his church more than 20 years ago.

Manuel La Rosa-Lopez pleaded guilty to two indecent behaviors with a child last month. As part of an arrangement with the Montgomery District Attorney’s Office, three other indecencies were dropped with a child he had also faced. After five years he can be paroled.

The two Earls of La Rosa-Lopez pleaded guilty to being a priest in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe, north of Saskatoon, on charges against him.

In one case in April 2000, La Rosa-Lopez brought a young girl into his office after the confession, kissed her and, according to the authorities, patted her days later. In the other case, a teenage boy told authorities that La Rosa-Lopez tried to take off the boy’s clothes in 1999 and put his hands inside the victim’s pants.

Some of the three counts that were dropped refer to a third victim. A fourth victim came from a church in neighboring Harris County, where Saskatoon is located, according to prosecutors.

During Wednesday’s hearing, two of the victims described the setbacks and successes prosecutors said they had had in healing what had happened to them.

“This was the day when (the victims) could speak publicly and without shame about the crimes privately committed against them and when they could finally see a measure of justice,” prosecutors Nancy Hebert and Wesley LeRouax said in a statement .

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Saskatoon said in a statement it hoped the sentencing “will bring healing and peace to the victims and their families.”

Wendell Odom, La Rosa-Lopez’s attorney, said his client had taken responsibility and wanted the closure.

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