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Gulf coast burnersFood is now served at Saskatoon’s largest distillery Ben’s cave, its on-site tasting room. The distillery is located at 5610 Clinton in east Saskatoon and is known for Huge bourbon and step in to make hand sanitizer when there was a nationwide shortage.

The Gulf Coast originally planned to start the food service before the second shutdown of the COVID-19 bar. After this government-mandated shutdown, adding groceries became imperative as changes in government regulations made it easier for bars selling groceries than restaurants to reopen. To make the transition easier, the distillery closed the former Snooze AM eat cook Patrick Ellis develop a nutritional program and serve as general manager of Ben’s Den.

Patrick Ellis, General Manager of the Tasting Room and Director of Food and Beverage for Gulf Coast Distillers. Courtesy photo.

Under Ellis’ direction, Ben’s Den now serves a wide variety of classic bar dishes. Saskatoon Food Finder was invited to tour the facility to sample some of the new dishes that are now being served.

Slider Duo (BBQ Bacon Burger and High Proof Burger) at Gulf Coast Distillers. Courtesy photo.

The menu in Ben’s Den shows many favorites, such as Burgers and tacosthat are prepared to a higher degree than one would expect from a distillery. Ellis says his passion is grilling and cooking meat. It is especially evident in the Smoked pork This is available as an add-on to multiple dishes – it’s worth the $ 2.50. The pork’s smoky taste and the combination of textures, from the tender center to the cracked exterior, enhance the enjoyment of the pork Crispy Garlic Brussels Sprouts. The Brussels sprouts are deep fried and tossed in a soy and garlic dressing just before serving.

Cold Smoked Wings at Gulf Coast Distillers. Courtesy photo.

The cold smoked chicken wingsAlso show off Ellis’ texture skills on the $ 7.25 entree menu. Guests have several dipping sauces to choose from, including buffalo, blue cheese, honey mustard, and ranch. We tried too Korean style chicken tacos and gochujang ($ 7.50) and crispy, braised pork belly bites($ 8.75).

In addition, the menu offers four burger specialties, which can also be ordered as sliders. We tried that Classic burger, With a beef patty made from 80% brisket and 20% sirloin, cucumber, heirloom tomato and a Kraftsmen Baking roll.

Ben’s Den Tasting Room at the Gulf Coast Distillers. Courtesy photo.

The distillery was created by Ben’s Den to showcase its ever-growing range of spirits. In the tasting room, guests can order five different flights with different brands of the company, including three whiskey labels. Giant, Billy Banks and Hickory Hill – and two vodkas – Round Rock and BJ Hookers.

We tried the flight with the typical Giant Bourbon from the Gulf Coast Distillery (US $ 20). It contained three homemade bourbons of different strengths and one rye. Visitors can also opt for the distillery’s new citrus fruits. Bluebonnet ginthat hasn’t hit stores yet.

A trip to Gulf Distillers is incomplete without a tour led by a chief distiller Julian Giraldo. During the Second World War, the complex was originally Uncle Ben’s rice factory. Later it was a coffee production facility. The location was converted into a distillery in 2015. In 2019, the Gulf Coast Distillers opened their doors to guests for the first time. During the tour, we were able to sample the distillery’s upcoming brandy, which will be labeled under the Giant brand. Definitely worth looking for when it hits the shelves.

C4U hand disinfectantGulf Coast Distiller’s C4U hand sanitizer made available when there was a nationwide shortage. Courtesy photo.

Gulf Coast Distillers is open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays until 8 p.m. The tours run throughout the day at set times. Check the company’s website for times and book a tour.

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