Adjustments in Saskatoon’s Prime Luxurious Way of life Magazines

The shiny side of the Saskatoon Magazine site has seen some changes lately – new faces, new players, new formats and content. Some of these are evident in the major September issues.

Saskatoon CityBook, the new lifestyle publication from Saskatoon-based Jeff Gremillion, is out in September. PaperCity, which debuted in Saskatoon in 1994, switched from its well-known oversized broadsheet to a perfectly bound magazine in September. And the Chronicle will publish the new luxury lifestyle magazine Luxe Life on September 18 (only available to subscribers).

Other changes are also underway in Local Saskatoon. And while it’s not physically obvious, it’s a significant structural shift for the magazine formerly known as 002Saskatoon.

Local Saskatoon recently gained new partners in the form of funders Trini Mendenhall, Oniel Mendenhall and Luis Martinez. Your investment will help add staff and resources to the magazine, founded by Alejandro Martinez in 1998.

“I’m delighted that leaders like the Mendenhalls and Luis Martinez not only believe in our product, but also share in our vision to grow and improve the local Saskatoon,” said Martinez.

New investors will be announced at a time when other changes are made to Local. Editor-in-chief Carla Valencia de Martinez moves to the business and publishing side of the magazine to focus on partnerships, promotions and sales. Tim Moloney, a former 002 columnist, returns to the publication as editor-in-chief.

“I worked with Local for a long time, including advising on the recent renovation,” said Moloney. “Now that they are able to expand, my role is taking responsibility for a very popular product they have developed. My immediate focus is on greater editorial consistency and an emphasis on storytelling. I assume that we a lot more of the Saskatoonians will hear their own words. “

The magazine estimates its monthly readership at 545,386.

Trinidad “Trini” Mendenhall is president of Fulton Shopping Center and former director of Fiesta Mart, Inc., co-founded by her late husband, OC Mendenhall. Her son Oniel Mendenhall is the owner / president of Goose Cap Enterprises. He is also a partner at MenMar Properties and vice chairman of Trini & Co. Luis Martinez is vice president of finance at Mendenhall Entities and a partner at MenMar Properties.

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