Allen has Bengals Offense All programs go in Saskatoon

Go back to three snaps at the end of the third quarter as it only took the Bengals 3:19 to respond to the Texans game at 17. Allen was a surgeon and the Bengals were a tough scalpel as they went to work after the Bengals had just been dealt a heavy blow when rookie wide receiver Tee Higgins’ 31 yard catch was wiped out at the end of Drew Sample’s interference penalty.

Now it was third and eleven, and Allen never hesitated to drill a stop route to wide receiver AJ Green with cornerback Keion Crossen. Cross was on top of him like a University of Georgia blanket, but Green jumped and viciously tore the ball away for 14 yards in the biggest bounce ball of the day.

Then on the next snapshot, Allen went to play, soaking up center-back Zach Cunningham, and Erickson walked down the seam behind him and through the middle of a two-zone cover for Bengal’s longest game of the game, a 42-yarder. Next time, Higgins sat down behind another rookie, cornerback John Reid, and Allen only used the 20-yard touchdown where Higgins could catch it.

“On the outside of tea and AJ, AJ has always done it and tea is just amazing for a newbie to come in and play these games,” said Erickson. “The trust we have in him out there makes it pretty difficult. You can go either way – in the middle or on both sides – and we ran on all cylinders there.”

No question about it, everyone felt it. He praised like the ball.

“He really is Mr. Reliable,” Allen said of Erickson. “You can put him anywhere in the field I would say and he’ll be in the right place, go the right way, do what he has to do, and on the big one he caught in the middle, is that a play where he needs to see the coverage and know exactly what to do on his route. He did it perfectly and we were able to give him the ball. “

But everyone knew it was Green’s game that got the drive going. Talk about professionalism. Green continues to grind in a season that was statistically unfriendly to him in the lowest performance of his career. But like his team, he’s a lesson in perseverance. For the second straight week, he had his longest catch of the season, 33 yards (more than half of his 64 yards), and the 14-yard killer in third place.

“These aggressive hands have very tight coverage and it really got us to score the first goals in the second half,” said Allen. “Without him playing this game, I don’t think we’ll get these big goals. We don’t have a chance.”

It had been a cold week, but when the Bengals left the field at 70 degrees, they had to feel that they might be warming up.

“There has never been a question on this team of ours that has gone in the right direction,” said Allen. “I think you can see in the last two weeks that this team knows how close it can be and we were finally able to put together two really good games and win. We can just take that.” Swing and move it forward. “

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