AMBER Alert for the Saskatoon Preston Fears early Tuesday

A young boy with autism was safely reunited with his mother early Tuesday morning after a police chase, according to assistant police officers.

Police and deputy cops across the Saskatoon area worked together to find a young boy at the center of a domestic attack and AMBER Alert early Tuesday morning.

The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable office looked for Preston Fears in the Spring area when he was 6 years old. At around 3 a.m., an AMBER alert went off for his abduction

MPs identified the suspect in the case as Brandon Spears, 37. They noted that the man already had arrest warrants and had “violent tendencies”.

Fortunately, the suspect was in custody less than two hours after the AMBER alert was issued and the child is believed to have been physically unharmed.

“This is an example of a story that has a very happy ending,” Constable Mark Herman said at a later press conference.

He said his MPs received a domestic violence call at Clear Wing Court outside Aldine Westfield early Tuesday. They found a mother who had been attacked. She said the suspect, her ex-boyfriend, escaped the scene with her little boy and her cell phone.

MPs said the child who has autism is not related to the man who took it.

The AMBER alert went off and authorities tried to locate the cell phone.

Saskatoon Police later spotted the suspect on I-45 and chased him until the front tire of his vehicle burst, Constable Herman said. The suspect was then arrested and the child was found unharmed.

“Harris County’s roads are much safer,” said Constable Herman.

Authorities found that Spears has a “long criminal history” and was recently released from prison. Saskatoon Police have now charged him with evading crime and endangering children. Mark Herman’s office has also filed charges against him for kidnapping and domestic violence.

No bail had been taken by the 10 am press conference, and the officer said he hoped the suspect would not get bail.

“This is one of those situations where we have an obvious professional criminal,” Herman said. “We thank the man above for not allowing him to hurt this child.”

Herman also applauded the collaboration between his department and the Saskatoon Police Department along with other law enforcement agencies searching for the suspect.

“The mother was reunited with her child.”

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