Chloe Dao exhibits Saskatoon delight and helps the group by way of trend

HOUSTON – Even if this holiday season looks and feels very different than in previous years, one thing has not changed: the need to give something back to the community. The pandemic has hit many families very hard, but fortunately the spirit of giving is alive and well. Local fashion designer Chloe Dao shares insights into why she loves Saskatoon and how creative she is giving back to the city.

“My family and I came to Saskatoon in 1979. I actually went to Aldine Junior High, and it was the most diverse and open culture,” Dao said.

Dao explained that her time in middle school was like a strange utopia in the 80s because the environment was welcoming and inclusive in a very conservative time.

“I mean, I actually saw an Asian girl who was a cheerleader and she inspired me to do it,” Dao said.

Saskatoon-based fashion designer Chloe Dao shares how her experience at Aldine Middle School had a positive impact on her future success. (Copyright 2020 by KPRC Click2Saskatoon – All rights reserved.)

According to Dao, these experiences had a positive effect on her future success when she later became the winner of the second season of the successful fashion show “Project Runway”.

“I think if you grow up in an environment where you see that every opportunity is available to everyone, no matter where you come from, anyone can be anything they want as long as they aim and work for it.” said Dao.

And it turned out that their multicultural school wasn’t an isolated bubble in the city of Saskatoon, which Dao later found out was one of the most diverse cities in the US in 2020, with events like the pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and the President of The 2020 Dao, which caused major divisions across the country, was even more impressed with the way Saskatoon handled all of the major events of the year.

“After the elections I was very proud of the way the city dealt with the difference. I just wanted to do something to reflect our diversity and our common humanity, ”said Dao.

She quickly worked with her team on a new design to portray all of the love she had for the city of Saskatoon.

“I just wanted to do something to make Saskatoon reflect,” Dao said. “It took a lot of design work and input between the staff and everyone.”

The end result was a stylish t-shirt that features 28 different representations of humanity to capture the diverse spirit of the city. During the process, however, Dao realized that she could do more with this project. She could also give something back to the community she loves.

“I saw the need to really help our community,” said Dao. “So ten percent of the sale goes to the Saskatoon Food Bank, and what’s great is ten dollars that actually goes to serve thirty people.”

Dao says she will run the campaign through December and can continue next year if necessary.

“I think my greatest asset is being grateful for what you have, but also if you can share your skills or give something back to your community, you should,” Dao said.

To connect with Chloe Dao, visit the Chloe Dao website.

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