Clear Seed Capital Group Ltd welcomes Indian ministerial delegation to its agricultural know-how services in Saskatoon

Clean Seed Capital Group (TSX-V:CSX) Ltd welcomed some high-profile global visitors to its operations facilities in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The Canadian agricultural technology company hosted the Honourable JP Dalal, agriculture minister of Haryana, India, following the introduction and initial demonstrations of the company’s SMART Seeder technology, MINI-MAX, at Chandigarh University in India with the Clean Seed team.

Minister Dalal and his delegation are in Saskatchewan as part of a larger mandate focused on agricultural innovation and technology that can dramatically benefit the farmers of Haryana.

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In a statement, Clean Seed said it is “pleased” to advance the discussions with Minister Dalal for the introduction and integration of the SMART Seeder technology into Indian farming.

The visit was also hosted and streamed live by Y-Media Group, the largest South Asian media house in Canada. Y-Media was broadcasting the live interviews to its subscribers in India, United States, and Canada.

Vancouver-based Clean Seed’s SMART Seeder technologies are seeding tools that utilize sophisticated electronic metering and intuitive software control, putting row-by-row variable rate technology at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

The MINI-MAX is a scaled-down model of its North American SMART Seeder MAX.

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