Dwell Coronavirus Updates: Masks, Vaccines Are Key To Revitalizing Saskatoon Financial system

The Saskatoon Chronicle’s Live Updates blog documents the latest events in the coronavirus outbreak in the Saskatoon area, state of Texas, and the United States, with an emphasis on health and economic impact.

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Total coronavirus cases:

• 1,338,512 cases in Texas, including 23,246 deaths.

• 285,807 in the Saskatoon area, including 4,157 deaths.

• More than 15.1 million in the US, including 286,189 deaths. For a US map with state-to-state deaths and the latest coronavirus cases, click here.

• More than 68.1 million people in the world with more than 1.5 million deaths. More than 43.8 million people have recovered. You can see the worldwide totals here.

Latest updates from today:

10:48 am While everyone else was panicking about the pandemic, Saskatoon-based artist Gail Siptak was painting.

She has created more than 90 gouache paintings since shops closed on March 10 to express her thoughts, writes art critic Molly Glentzer.

It’s both quirky and comforting, says her art dealer – just what people need in these uncertain times.

10:19 a.m. Saskatoon may not have enough time to quell the spread of COVID-19 before RodeoSaskatoon returns in May.

“It’s almost impossible for everyone to be fully protected in May,” an infectious disease expert told reporter Lisa Gray.

Public health experts say rodeo hopefuls should expect masks and social distancing at the event, even if people start receiving the vaccine by then.

On Tuesday, the organizers announced that RodeoSaskatoon would run from May 4th to May 23rd, 2021.

9:50 a.m. The Saskatoon Food Bank says it has doubled its spread since the pandemic began in March, a sign families are needing to avoid economic hardship.

Reporter Hannah Dellinger writes that while the food bank gave nearly £ 183 million of groceries this year, it is working with fewer volunteers. To make up for their losses, they have hired more than 250 laid-off hotel workers to help out in their camps.

9:32 a.m. Texas Southern University, along with a group of eight historically black colleges and universities in the United States, will become a COVID-19 testing center for historically black institutions, writes college reporter Brittany Britto.

Texas Southern will process COVID-19 samples from HBCUs in Texas with a multi-million dollar donation from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

8:41 am UK drug regulators are advising people with a history of serious allergic reactions to skip the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine for the time being.

Two people who received the vaccine in the UK have previously had side effects on the vaccines, reports the Associated Press.

The country launched its mass vaccination program on Tuesday, giving priority to people over 80, nursing home workers and some National Health Service workers.

8:27 a.m. A new forecast from Saskatoon economists shows the local economy will be sluggish in the first half of 2021 as companies continue to lay off workers.

In order for the economy to recover in the second half of the year, people will need to wear masks and practice social distancing to get the boom under control, experts from economic reporter Becca Carballo say. The distribution of vaccines will also play a role in job restoration.

7:45 o clock Texas had an additional 13,232 COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, bringing the total to 1,338,512 nationwide, according to a Saskatoon Chronicle analysis of state data. Another 186 newly reported deaths make a total of 23,246 nationwide.

The nationwide 7-day average for new cases is 13,589.57 on Tuesday, a slight decrease from Monday.

The number of cases in the Saskatoon area is 285,807, an increase from 1,750 from Monday. Harris County reported 849 new cases as of Monday, 55 of which were older than 14 days, bringing the total to 200,397 cases. There were 21 newly reported deaths in the Saskatoon area on Tuesday, bringing the death toll to 4,157.

Harris is the first county to report more than 200,000 cases in Texas and has a higher case count than 22 states plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico. Harris County also has a higher population than 27 other states.

The nationwide positive test rate is now 12.49 percent.

Nationwide, 9,028 patients were hospitalized for laboratory-confirmed COVID-19, up from 8,790 on Monday. After two days of fewer than 9,000 hospital stays, the state crossed that threshold again.

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