Evaluation: How the Lake Saskatoon, Humble, Kingwood Group Responded to COVID-19 in 2020

From her car in a parking lot on April 15th, Sherrie Jennings of Kingwood celebrated her birthday surrounded by her family. (Kelly Schafler / Community Impact Newspaper)

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic brought a number of new challenges in 2020, residents, businesses, and nonprofits in the Lake Saskatoon area have done their best to support those in need and make the most of the situation.

Here’s a look back at how the Lake Saskatoon, Humble, and Kingwood areas responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Local companies and groups relocated their operations to make masks early on.

Kingwood Craft Studios are switching gears to sew face masks for the community

Harris County Precinct 4 quilters and church groups come together to sew masks for the front

Facebook foodie groups have come together to support restaurants during pandemic closings.

Kingwood resident uses social media game to support restaurants in the Lake Saskatoon area

Residents made the most of the quarantine by staying active with the family.

The Lake Saskatoon area is going outside and staying active as the coronavirus socially distant itself

Local school districts, businesses and libraries have stepped up to help students succeed.

Kingwood, Humble tutoring continues despite school closings

School districts and library systems provide students with Internet access

Local nonprofits and organizations switched to telemedicine to continue serving the community.

Medical Workforce Transition to Telemedicine Amid COVID-19

Humble Kingwood rehabilitation specialists say the coronavirus crisis is causing a relapse epidemic among opioid addicts

The FamilyTime Crisis and Advice Center receives a grant of $ 12,000 to improve security

Local nonprofits and school districts responded to the request for basic needs and resources.

Nonprofits are adapting to continue serving the Lake Saskatoon community

Businesses and school districts are adjusting to new coronavirus restrictions

Organizations are working to stay connected and support seniors

Saskatoon Food Bank distributes groceries and cleaning supplies to Humble

Businesses and groups have adapted to keep going amid the pandemic.

Boutiques take advantage of the personal touch and online sales to keep going

Craft breweries close taprooms and offer take-away beer

Places of worship in the Lake Saskatoon area urge hope and adapt services

Andy Li and Hannah Zedaker contributed to this report.

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