Excessive chilly warning in impact for Saskatoon


An extreme cold warning is in effect for the City of Saskatoon and several other parts of the province.

Environment and Climate Change Canada said a multi-day episode of very cold wind chills is expected.

Kyle McAulay, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said a cold arctic air mass building in from the northwest is causing the drop in temperatures.

The system is expected to bring in roughly 5 to 10 cm of snow, according to McAulay.

The high on Sunday was -24 while the seasonal average for this time of year is -11.

With the cold expected to last for most of the week, McAulay said it’s important for people to be prepared.

“Definitely bundle up, dress in layers, cover up bare skin, make sure you take some extra blankets in your car and something to keep you warm, maybe some extra food in case you get stranded,” he told CTV News.

McAulay said by Saturday, temperatures are expected to warm slightly, but will still stay below the season average.

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