HBO Max drops a trailer for “Home of Ho” filmed in Saskatoon.

The cast of the Saskatoon reality show House of Ho

Photo: HBO max

HBO Max released a trailer this afternoon for the Saskatoon reality show House of Ho, the series now premiering December 10th.

The show follows the adventures of the wealthy Ho family led by patriarch / entrepreneur Binh Ho and his wife, Hue. “House of Ho” was scheduled to debut on July 16, but was dropped in June and moved to the fall.

Alongside Binh and Hue, the show follows the adventures of the party boy son Washington and lively, bohemian Aunt Tina, whose hair is streaked purple. Culture site Vulture is already licking its lips expectantly and saying, “Oh thank god, family drama to get involved in and it’s not your own. For anyone staying away from their folks on vacation, HBO fills Max fill this gap with their upcoming reality show ‘House of Ho’ after the luxurious and stressful life of a wealthy multi-generational family. “

(Though note that Vulture also says the show makes Saskatoon look like the suburb of Calabasas, LA!)

HBO Max described “House of Ho” on its website as follows: “House of Ho” … traces the daily lives of Patriarch Binh Ho, Matriarch Hue Ho, their daughter Judy Ho, their son Washington Ho and his wife Lesley Ho on. Aunt Tina and cousin Sammy. The power couple Binh and his wife Hue emigrated from Vietnam to the United States on little money and relied on hard work to make the ultimate American dream come true. They built a multi-million dollar bank, real estate development company, and a new generation of American Hos. The series pulls back the curtain on their lavish Saskatoon lifestyles, revealing the close family ties that bind them, as well as the resulting outrageous multi-generational drama. “

Now that the trailer is done, it looks like December 10th is fixed this time around.

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