‘It’s a particular 12 months’: Berry farmer overloaded with Saskatoon berries

A local farmer has hit the jackpot this berry season.

The Coronado Saskatoon U-Pick farm located in Gibbons, Alta., is full of berries and the unusual weather may be a factor.

“This is one of the best years we have ever seen,” said owner Pat Nielsen. “We need lots and lots of pickers because there are lots and lots of berries here.”

While some of the berry bushes were withering during the drought-like weather, the majority of the berry bushes were doing exceptionally well.

“In spite of the dry weather, the Saskatoon berries seem to thrive. They don’t like the rain,” she said.

The farm specializes in black currants and Saskatoon berries and is offering u-pick by appointment, pre-picked berries, custom orders, and frozen products.

Located on 56522, Range Road 231, the farm has approximately twoweeks left of berries.

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