Katy Malaysian and Vietnamese eating places that now serve central Saskatoon

Popular Malaysian street food restaurant in Katy Asian Town Center since opening in 2018, Phat Eatery, has received both recognition and awards. That includes a positive review from restaurant reviewer Saskatoon Chronicle in 2019 Alison Cook and to win the Lone Star Entree Champion Reserve Award for his Beef Rendang at the Saskatoon Rodeo Uncorked 2020! Best Bites competition. Those on Saskatoon’s 610 Loop who were reluctant to make Katy a long slog now have an option that is much closer to home. Alex Au-Yeung’s new store Phat kitchen is now open for pickup from the Blodgett Food Hall at 2616 Blodgett. In addition, Saskatoon will be given an early opportunity to try iceAu-Yeungs banh mi-focused restaurant run by Cuc Lam, formerly from SING. Yelo’s storefront is slated to open in Katy later this year.

Both Yelo and Phat Kitchen are “ghost kitchens” operated from the Blodgett Food Hall. This means that these are not traditional stationary restaurants, just kitchens that prepare food solely for delivery or collection. However, there is no real difference in terms of the menus or the wide variety of food. The Food Hall is on the edge of Saskatoon’s Third Ward and Museum District.

Dim Sum Sampler from Phat Eatery and Phat KitchenDim Sum Sampler from Phat Eatery and Phat Kitchen. Photo by Phaedra Cook.

Customers have many options. Both Phat Kitchen and Yelo menus are different and include the following categories Dim Sum, Noodle soups, Phat Bites (Phat Kitchen term for small bites) and even some vegetarian products. Yelos choices include Vermicelli bowls and twists and turns, both traditional and creative Ball lashes. One such twist is the Char Sui meatballs Banh Mi. served with an au jus to dip.

Saskatoon Food Finder’s readers and newsletter subscribers who signed up for a special pre-opening were given an expanded tasting of several dishes from the kitchen and were able to complete a special survey that provided feedback.

Yelos Pho-Rench DipYelos Pho-Rench-Dip combines the elements Banh Mi and French Dip

Phat Eatery beef rendang Katy Restaurant is a staple food and features beef banana thighs, coconut curry, and potatoes. It is one of the favorite foods of advanced tasting. Some of the others that have received rave reviews are the Pho-rench Dip (A Vietnamese take on the classic French dip sandwich with a seasoned brisket, coriander, basil, jalapeno and sambal on a baguette, served with a side of pho broth to dip the sandwich in.) Roti Canai – a warm, flaky, croissant-like bread, served with a curry dip – and that Vermicelli bowl.

Au-Yeung saw the potential for a delivery-only restaurant or a ghost kitchen after Phat Eatery saw sales soar after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Au-Yeung started operations at Blodgett Food Hall, a shared kitchen area between Cloudkitchens.

Pig & Duck Peking DuckPig & Duck, another of Au-Yeung’s ghost cuisine, is debuting at Blodgett Food Hall in a few weeks’ time and will serve Peking duck. Photo by Phaedra Cook.

Customers should also look out for another upcoming project from Au-Yeung: Pig + duck. The new ghost kitchen, also operated by the Blodgett Food Hall, offers Chinese barbecues, including char siu, fried pork and peking duck.

Currently, Phat Eatery is open Sunday through Thursday 11am to 9pm and stays open until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. From Monday, November 9th, the kitchen will offer breakfast and open daily at 8 a.m. Orders can be picked up or delivered. Go online to view the menu, see if you are in the delivery area, and place an order.

Disclosure: Phat Eatery is a current sponsor of the Saskatoon Food Finder.

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