Ken Hoffman reveals his wildest predictions for Saskatoon in 2021

Do you remember the last month when I “predicted” that the Saskatoon Livestock Show and Rodeo, which usually take place in March, would be postponed to May next year because of COVID-19?

And the very next day, rodeo officials announced that Saskatoon’s biggest event would take place in May.

Okay full disclosure, I was told the announcement was coming. Hey i know people

But since I am in a hot phase, there are predictions for 2021, without any inside information or a little birdie. (Except for one of them, which definitely happens 100 percent guaranteed.)

A rush of Texans

The Saskatoon Texans will rise from the dead and recapture the AFC South title next year. Sure, 2020 was a disaster, including some bizarre, almost comical, last-minute defeats. The Texans are masters of defeat from the jaws of victory.

However, a closer look reveals that more than half of the Texans’ losses were seven points or less. It’s not that they get blown out like the jaguars week after week. At least the Jaguars have something to lose, first overall winner and quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The Texans don’t even have a choice in the first round. (Thanks, Bill O’Brien, for nothing … even in the second round.)

Texas quarterback Deshaun Watson is a super elite, JJ Watt’s blood is boiling (he stays) and the fans are still behind the team. Hire a capable general manager and creative coach (no longer in the middle of every first descent) and the Texans could be back in business next year.

Don’t forget, while AFC South isn’t the toughest division, the Texans have been practically serial champions for the past few years, including last year.

The Texans are more worrying than any scoreboard loss. You’re 5-10 against the Vegas line and pathetic 2-5 at home. Maybe it was a good thing that 65,000 fans weren’t there.

Goodbye theater

The next time I go to the cinema it never will be. It will be hard to find one. I never forgave the now closed multiplex on Weslayan for having a marble slab in the lobby, but you are not allowed to bring your cone into the theater. A fee was also charged for parking, in addition to a loan window to purchase a £ 25 Hershey bar at the concession booth.

Instead of teasing myself in a theater of strangers, I can watch movies at home and let friends tease me. That saves gas. Goodbye cinemas, hello indoor flea markets.

What’s next for Lina Hidalgo?

If you think Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is doing like a Kentucky basketball player, you are wrong.

I expect Hidalgo, who is just 29, will announce that she will run for governor against the embattled Greg Abbott or whoever else in 2022. Or she waits and challenges Senator Ted Cruz in 2024. And I think she wins.

Hidalgo is one to watch. It has more to offer than you might think. She is now a national team player and will have no problem raising a campaign war chest.

And for that matter, Ed Emmett

Despite his persistence to the contrary, former Harris County judge Ed Emmett is not finished either. It’s in the nature of man to want his old job back (no more direct ticket voting in Texas) or maybe run for Mayor of Saskatoon.

The question is, which is the bigger, more important job? The way America works these days, it’s Mayor of Saskatoon.

Newstonians invade

Next year there will be an unprecedented migration of people from the north to Saskatoon. As soon as economically hard-hit northerners are vaccinated and there is still snow on the ground in May, they will leave Dodge, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Before COVID-19, Saskatoon was poised to overtake Chicago in population and become America’s third largest city in 2025. It won’t take that long.

Play ball … later

Two weeks ago I predicted that Major League Baseball would postpone the start of the season until May 1st. I stick with it. It makes too much sense.

The COVID vaccine won’t be available to the masses until April. So if baseball waits until May, the teams may be able to play in front of large crowds from opening day. Basketball and hockey will reduce their number of games in 2021, baseball can do the same. Baseball’s 162-game season is too long and too long anyway.

The beard goes where?

James Harden is frustrated with the Rockets’ inability to get him to the Nets, 76’ers, Blazers or Celtics and will add the Washington Generals and Alba Berlin of the German Bundesliga league to his list of “acceptable trade targets”.

Throw the dice on this one

Casino gambling is approved by Texas lawmakers – at least on the ballot, which is the same as approved. I hope lawmakers don’t just get punk with slots and poker rooms. I want sports clubs on street corners and video poker in supermarkets and airports.

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