Letters: Entry to present Saskatoon area ‘nightmare’ for large occasions


Arena will affect other projects

From the March 3 Saskatoon StarPhoenix, the 2018 consultant’s report commissioned by the boards for SaskTel Centre and TCU Place stated that “with both facilities starting to show their age, the report concluded it was a wiser use of money to replace both rather than paying for upgrades and maintenance.”

Is the consultant’s report simply written to provide support for city council’s agenda to replace both, including SaskTel Centre (arena)? What is the city planning to do with SaskTel Centre? No one is telling. It’s not obsolete, but they want citizens to believe that a new arena is needed.

We’re told that additional taxes needed for a new arena will be minimal, but will be facilitated through businesses surrounding the new complex. Really? And now, the city is deceptively providing additional costs associated with selection of the Midtown Plaza site for the new arena.

Without a clear business plan of all the capital development, annual operating and maintenance costs associated with a new arena proposal, the city is delusional that this is an acceptable process without even having a referendum.

This will compromise taxpayer funding available for city infrastructure items such as water, sewer, roadways and snow removal. We need to have signs downtown reading “Danger: Taxpayers Beware.”

Ron Niekamp, Saskatoon


China needs a COVID convoy

Big COVID troubles in China. Here’s a suggestion to demonstrate against the Chinese government’s covid measures.

Form a huge truck convoy and park it in front of government buildings. Don’t forget to lay on the horns at all hours, block people in from getting to hospital and set a few fires in condo lobbies.

Then after the government gets everyone to move on, they could hold a special commission that costs taxpayers $19 million.

Bryan Cox, Saskatoon

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