Letters: Saskatoon metropolis corridor fails to reside as much as its required duties

Taxpayers of this city are too complacent about understanding how our taxes are being spent. As a reminder and as reported in the June 4, 2021 issue of the StarPhoenix, a further 3.5 per cent tax hike would provide “pushing the snow onto boulevards and parking lanes and leaving it there all winter.”

What a brilliant plan. Unfortunately, the curbside and boulevard glaciers would soon melt and, with the expected frozen storm drains, motorists would have to carefully navigate the hazardous narrowed and flooded streets and subsequent development of potholes.

Taxes are needed for infrastructure, roadways and utilities, but the city continuously ignores that snow clearing and removal is also an integral component of their service requirement. The city chooses the easy way out to increase taxes and, as they suggested, would add an additional 3.5 per cent tax hike specific for snow removal.

Surely, the citizens of Saskatoon can’t be satisfied with this council and administration’s status quo of increasing taxes and incompetent decision making.

Perhaps the city’s agenda and focus is to continue supporting unneeded services and capital projects (e.g. new library, new arena, under-utilized bike lanes) instead of its service obligation that our tax dollars are already paying for but negligent in budgeting for — regular clearing and removal of snow on Saskatoon streets.

Ron Niekamp



Stopping drug use should be focus

Lately, on the radio, TV and in the SP, there has been much attention paid to the drug problem, both here and elsewhere, noting the shortage of treatment or safe consumption sites for addicts and other users.

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