Meet the 17-year-old who’s the College of Saskatoon’s youngest graduate

HOUSTON – A 17 year old girl ends the year going on stage and we’re not talking about high school. Salenah Cartier is the youngest person to graduate from the University of Saskatoon.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Cartier.

Cartier always knew that she picked up things faster than other children. Now she’s adding a college graduate to the list.

“I received a BS in Psychology from the University of Saskatoon. I also received my minor in human development and consumer sciences and a certificate in corporate entrepreneurship, ”said Cartier.

She read when she was 2 and then did complicated math when she was 4. At 7 years old, Cartier was in 8th grade. When she was 14, she began taking dual college courses. She said one key to her success: homeschool.

“Homeschooling gave me the platform and opportunity to accelerate at my own pace,” she said.

Cartier said women like Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are an inspiration.

“Your entire political career has shown me that anything is possible and that women belong in all areas,” she said.

The University of Saskatoon campus was a great place for her as the staff is friendly and many of the students are her friends. Another reason she chose U of H – the influence of Saskatoon Mayor Sylvester Turner.

“He’s from Saskatoon, he’s going to Harvard and he’s returning to Saskatoon to serve in the community – and I hope one day I can follow in his footsteps.”

Saskatoon is proud and hopes to be a mentor to other students.

“I hope my experience lets other students know that anything is possible,” said Cartier. “I hope to inspire other students that it is never too late or too early to pursue a dream or goal.”

Cartier said she would consider running for President of the United States in the future. She is currently starting a Master of Education program at the University of Saskatoon in the spring. She hopes to get a Ph.D. Program in autumn.

Correction:This story has been corrected to take into account that Cartier will be attending the University of Saskatoon in the spring.

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