Modifications coming to waste bylaws: Metropolis of Saskatoon

Saskatoon city council approved a new waste bylaw, replacing the previous one written in 2004.

“The new bylaw prepares us for the curbside organics program and Recovery Park a diversion depot co-located at the landfill, which are both set to launch in 2023,” Brendan Lemke, Director of Water and Waste Operations said in a news release.

Bylaw No. 9844 includes several changes, such as:

  • Requirements to put recyclable and organic materials into the correct collection containers
  • Guidelines for home composting systems
  • Standards for multi-use residential buildings to facilitate city waste collection
  • Standards for waste containers used for construction
  • Restrictions on elm wood waste composting to protect Saskatoon’s urban forest from Dutch Elm disease

“The City will continue to take an education-first approach with our Waste bylaw to help make sure residents and businesses are aware of what is required and make a change before following through on enforcement,” Lemke said.

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