New examine names Saskatoon the worst place in Texas to lift a household

When choosing a family location, economic stability, security and opportunities for children are at the top of the list. Because of these criteria, Saskatoon may not be the place to put down roots, according to a new study.

WalletHub personal finance website compared 182 U.S. cities to determine which are the best and worst places to raise a family. Saskatoon is at the bottom of the list – # 140 overall – making it the worst place in Texas to raise a family, one of the worst in the nation.

Each city has been grouped into five main areas: family fun, health and safety, education and childcare, affordability, and socio-economy.

Saskatoon scores best in family fun (# 65), but could be improved a bit in the other categories. It deserves lower grades in education and childcare (No. 109); Affordability (No. 127); and Socioeconomics (No. 137), a category that measures a city’s percentage of two-parent families, separation and divorce rates, the percentage of families living in poverty, unemployment rate, and other factors. The city also scores below average for health and safety (No. 149).

H-Town is no stranger to sobering reports from WalletHub, which has just been dubbed the most stressed-out city in Texas, a title it earned last year too.

But where does the rest of Texas stand when it comes to raising families? The northern Texas suburb of Plano ranks high among Texas cities, ranking fourth overall, making it the best place in Texas – and one of the best in the nation – to raise a family. Austin is number 24 in the US and the second best city in Texas, followed by Fort Worth (No. 72), San Antonio (No. 110), and Dallas (No. 133).

A couple of spots on Plano’s list is Overland Park, Kansas, the best place in America to raise a family. At the other end of the spectrum is Detroit, currently the worst place in the country to raise a family.

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