Pure Roots City Farms Grows Program To Assist Saskatoon Meals Financial institution

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. (OTCPink: GRSO) — Today Pure Roots Urban Farms has announced that it will be donating all fresh produce to the Saskatoon Food Bank that is currently being grown in the Farm Boys Design Corp., research and development unit operating at Innovation Place.

“This is a unique and innovative opportunity for us to give back to the Saskatoon community,” said Bailey Fischl, President and CEO of Pure Roots Urban Farms. “After almost 8 weeks of coordination and growing our team was eager to finally deliver our first crop of produce for the Food Bank this week.”

The first harvest weighed in at 28 pounds of mixed leafy greens, and Ms. Fischl expects the donation to average 30 pounds per week as more plants come into production.

“This initiative speaks to the power of innovation, a core value of the SFBLC (Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Center).  When people with good hearts and great ideas come together in a collaboration that benefits community, we know that anything is possible!” states Deborah Hamp, Director of Operations and Engagement with the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Center. “This wonderful donation helps the SFBLC provide another layer of fresh, nutrient dense, locally grown food to those who need it most. We are so excited to see this project grow, and grateful for all those involved who are offering their time and resources in support of our beautiful community.”

Pure Roots joined forces with other local organizations to make sure that the project became a reality. FarmBoys Design Corporation covers the operational costs, Grow Solutions Holdings/Pure Roots Urban Farms pays for labour, grow media, and packaging, The Better Good donates the seeds, Meewasin Valley Authority donates the water, and the fertilizers are donated by the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of Plant Sciences.

Pure Roots believes in connecting people to their food and educating the community on the benefits, history, and prevention that whole foods can provide.

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Chad Fischl
Chief Executive Officer and Director
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Jackson, WY 83001
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Source:  Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. (GRSO)
Released May 21, 2020


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