Saskatoon church buildings coming below tax evaluate microscope


City tax inspectors are reviewing Saskatoon places of worship for the first time in decades.

More than 150 places of worship to fill out questionnaires on building use

CBC News · Posted: Mar 24, 2014 9:25 AM CT | Last Updated: March 24, 2014

The city is conducting a tax review of places of worship to assess the primary uses of church buildings.

The details of the review are coming to executive council today.

Places of worship are typically exempt from paying taxes, but many of the 150 buildings scattered around the city have not been inspected for years.

How is church space used

“Inspections of exempt properties have historically been of a lower priority than taxable properties,” the report said.

“Some of these properties have not been inspected in decades.”

Presently, the assessment records may only possibly identify residential portions of properties.– Report to Executive Commitee

The city plans to start on-site inspections this year.

The information collected could highlight income from the properties that is not connected to their role as a place of worship.

The questionnaire going to the building owners will ask for information on how often the property is available for public rent, the frequency of use and the total actual rent.

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