Saskatoon diocese report discloses 9 historic circumstances of sexual abuse, misconduct over 60 years

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon has released a report on historical cases involving serious misconduct and sexual abuse reported in the diocese. It says it only outlined complaints that were fully investigated internally or in the courts.

The diocese said it found nine cases over 60 years. None of the cases are related to residential schools, as there were no schools located within the diocese.

Seven priests are alleged to have committed serious misconduct or sexual abuse, along with two employees or volunteers of the diocese.

There are 10 victims total, including a boy younger than 13 years old, five teenage boys, three adult women and one adult man.

Diocese only released 3 of 9 names

The diocese only released names of three of the nine of the people alleged in the cases, and those names were already public knowledge through courts and media reports.

In 2013, Father William Hodgson Marshall pleaded guilty to the indecent assault of two Saskatoon boys. He was already serving time for abusing 17 other minors in Ontario.

Father Ephraim Mensah’s case of serious misconduct not involving young people was made public last year.

The last named person is volunteer Harold Jones, who was sentenced in 2008 to eight years in prison for sexual abuse.

The diocese claims not all the names were released out of respect for the victim’s wishes and because it didn’t have enough evidence to release them.

The diocese has declined to further comment on its report, but has announced updates to its “Safer Church, Stronger Communities Safeguarding” action plan.

It said updates include a commitment to give an immediate response to allegations within 48 hours and that it will share trauma support resources online.

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