Saskatoon drivers see reduction at gasoline pumps, however it might not final lengthy

The lower gas prices in Saskatoon won’t last long, according to an expert.

On Thursday, the price for a regular litre of gasoline in Saskatoon was between 193.9 and 196.9.

The low price was something Lorenz Rogh said his wallet was appreciating.

“We’re all suffering. In fact, I cancelled a couple of trips this year because we didn’t want to spend the gas,” he said while filling up at a Saskatoon gas station.

Gas Wizard, a site that forecasts gas prices, is predicting the cost in Saskatoon will go down to 192.2 on Friday.

“I think this is probably the sweet spot for the next week or so,” gas price expert Dan McTeague and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy told CTV News.

“After that, look out. I think we’re marching back to two dollars a litre.”

McTeague said lower prices around the world will encourage more demand and lead to tighter supply, heading into summer.

“I think this is sort of an unexpected boom for consumers and I think for the short term, this is probably as good as it’s going to get,” he said. 

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