Saskatoon enterprise finds marketplace for development venture administration software program in New York

A local Saskatoon startup recently secured $5.6 million by expanding its firm to the U.S.

MyComply offers a free platform for storing and managing construction training certificates.

“We understood some of the pain points around construction and the transfer of information in our role as property developers and that really was the impetus of MyComply,” said Mark Wolff, CEO.

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The company was founded in 2015, but they only started making money in 2020. They tried to start in Canada but experienced difficulty. They ended up crossing the border and selling MyComply in New York.

“Since then we started building our company more and more in New York and finding local talent there,” said Greg Reimche, COO.

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MyComply is used by general contractors and construction companies. They’ll use the platform to get workforce data on construction sites including timecards, attendance records, document exchange, and training verification.

“Really what we do is provide oversight to a general contractor of all the subcontractors that are on their site and all of their workers, and their safety in training certification, so they know whoever’s on their worksite is supposed to be there and has the proper training and can be safe,” Reimche said.

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MyComply is helping over 6,000 contractors. It helps decrease costs and incidents, while maximizing insurance savings.

“Business is kind of our passion around here and so we like building things and we thought we saw a need in this industry for a platform like this,” Reimche said.

MyComply plans to continue expanding its market throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“Really it’s about working with the team to listen to our customers, continue to develop products that meet their needs, as well as go out and find more customers,” Wolff said.

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