Saskatoon Meals Financial institution is again with Christmas Hamper Day

The Saskatoon Food Bank held its annual Christmas Hamper Day on Saturday, aiming to help out those in need.

About 100 volunteers handed outitems includingfresh oranges, applesand chicken.

“I think about how happy they’re going to be and it just makes me so happy,” said Sierra Kimpton, who volunteers each year with her family. “It makes me feel really warm inside,”

The event has been going on every year for decades. This year, it expects to hand out about 3,000food baskets, focusing on single people.

“Anyone living on a fixed income will find it difficult to sort of make ends meet in the city if they’re not sort of attached to another group,” said Laurie O’Connor, executive director of the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre.

The baskets contain fresher, less canned foods than what is often available.

“It’s just nice to be able to offer a special meal for people who need it,” O’Connor said.

For many volunteers, the event is about kicking off the holidays and giving back.

With files from Albert Delitala.

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