Saskatoon Meals Financial institution makes 2,000 baggage for Christmas Hamper Day – Saskatoon

SASKATOON – The community came together Saturday morning to assemble 2,000 food baskets for the Saskatoon Food Bank’s Christmas Hamper Day. The annual event focuses on single people in need.

“We know that other agencies do a wonderful job of providing family hampers to families but there is really nothing that occurs for single people. At our organization many years ago we decided to create a special day for single people to come and get a hamper at the food bank,” said Deborah Hamp, director of operations and engagement with the food bank.

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On Christmas Hamper Day, the food bank sees a variety of people from the community, including those who don’t normally use its services.

“We see lots of seniors on a day like today. Lots of people with a variety of challenges. We see people that we might not normally see typically at the food bank on any given day,” Hamp said.

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Organizers said between $50,000 and $60,000 worth of food was donated by a variety of sources, including Sobeys, Les and Irene Dubé, Maple Leaf Foods, Sofina, Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan and the Calyniuk family.

It takes around 70 volunteers throughout the day to build hampers filled with meat, bread, milk, soups, fruits and vegetables.

“They get a sense that they’re contributing to the community and they can see that in a very tangible way in the fact that they’re creating these hampers that they know are directly going to community members,” said volunteer coordinator Laura Hopkins.

“It’s a nice way to be a part of the community and remember to give back to those less fortunate,” said volunteer Shelley Kavia.

She has made volunteering for Christmas Hamper Day an annual tradition in her family.

Kavia wasn’t the only one to bring children. Lots of young volunteers were busy lending a helping hand and learning about the spirit of giving.

“The food bank helps people out lots because they don’t have too much money and they need food so that’s why the food bank is there,” said young volunteer Mickey.

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