Saskatoon meals financial institution prepares for vacation season

The Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre relies on the generosity from Saskatoon residents to help those in need.

“Were in our fundraising season,” executive director Laurie O’Connor said.

“Our goals are $500,000 and 500,000 pounds of food. Those are lofty goals, but we are almost halfway on both.”

Although a variety of items are accepted and appreciated, the Saskatoon Food Bank website contains a list of food items that are always in need.

Items they are looking for include pasta, whole grain cereal, sauce, canned protein, hearty soups and stews, and baby food and formula.

The food bank’s clothing depot provides free clothing items for anyone in need.

Some things the clothing depot is looking for include socks, hats, mitts, warm coats, bedding and blankets.

O’Connor loves to see donations from anyone willing to give. Whether it’s one person donating, or businesses getting involved, every little bit counts.

One such business is Orange Theory Fitness in Stonebridge. Owner and operator Brittany Klassen just moved to the city, but has already decided to give back to the community.

“It’s so amazing to be able to help a great cause. We’re in need at all times of the year, but this time of year with the cold weather and the holidays and all that comes around, it’s just that much more important.”

Orange Theory is giving gym goers incentive to bring in food items in exchange for a token that earns them different workouts.

“To see our community of our studio come together and bang behind it all for a great cause, and for a little bit of revenge I guess we could say, was awesome,” Klassen said.

One way to donate for anyone unsure what to pick out at the grocery store is with premade food bags. Many grocers around town offer them and they generally are around $10 and contain much needed items for the food bank.

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