Saskatoon nutritionist, coach provide tricks to begin 2022 off proper


2022 is here and for some people that means leaving the past behind them and challenging themselves with New Years resolutions.

Melody Byblow is a workplace wellness programmer, and she says more people are trying to bring change into their life with the new year here.

“There’s a definite increased interest,” said Byblow, who operates Holistic Wellness Advantage. “Anytime of the year is a good time to jump in, but Jan. 1 people want to start the new year off on a better footing.”

Byblow describes her job as helping people get their work health back.

“Food is absolutely really important. But if they don’t take care of their stress, it’s not going to make that big of an impact.”

Byblow has five tips to offer people looking to get a head start on 2022:

1. Reduce stress: Stress management techniques can range from breathwork to yoga, meditation practice, prayer, going for a walk outside in nature, to spending time with people you love or with your pets. Find ways to have more fun, get some fresh air and a little exercise.

2. Quality of food matters. Reduce your reliance on processed and fast foods. Instead, choose more whole natural foods. For example, increase your consumption of vegetables and fruits daily to 8-10 servings.

3. Better quality sleep is essential for your body’s repair and detoxification processes, and for more energy. Start unwinding and setting yourself up for better sleep earlier in the evening.

4. Gut health is vital to overall health and impacts many of our body’s systems. Better digestion means you’ll absorb more nutrients from your food, eliminate better and strengthen your immune system, to name a few of the benefits.

5. Mindset is critical to success! Stop beating yourself up for not following a perfect diet to lose weight, or not getting to the gym. Be kinder to yourself and eliminate any negative self-talk.

ProActive Fitness, a small group and private personal training studio, also has several people looking to make some of their New Year’s resolutions come true.

“We have seen an increase in interest over the last the past three weeks,” said ProActive Fitness owner Shelley Turk. “I’ve got five consoles booked for next week.”

ProActive Fitness helps clients, the majority who are over the age of 50 “move better”. Turk said many people are coming to her this year with resolutions to lose weight.

“Usually it’s around weight loss or just moving more and getting more energy. More energy is huge for the over 50 crowd,” said Turk. “Just being consistent with exercise is probably the most important thing.”

To help you achieve your resolutions, Turk has these five pieces of advice:

1. Find your why and think about it often! How will your life be better with consistent exercise? If you don’t have a compelling, meaningful reason to get in shape, you will give up the first time your motivation wanes or you come up against an obstacle.

2. Change how you see yourself! Picture the person you want to be – imagine how it will feel to be fit, healthy, and full of energy.

3. Determine what actions this fit person consistently takes and how they specifically handle obstacles. Write down those solutions and keep them handy because you will need them!

4. Get accountability and stay consistent by signing up for a class, finding a workout buddy or hiring a trainer.

5. Consistency is king! Remember: small actions done consistently equal big results.

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