Saskatoon textile artist’s cloth postcard undertaking raises cash to assist Ukraine

A Saskatoon textile artist is creating fabric postcards to help support people affected by the war in Ukraine — and she’s getting help from quilters around North America to do the same.

Textile artist Monika Kinner began the project after she realized many of her Ukrainian friends here in Canada who had family in the war-torn country were distressed, and she wanted to help. 

“The ripples from what’s going on in Ukraine are hitting the Ukrainian people here,” said Kinner. 

As a quilter, Kinner soon realized that she could stitch something together for her friends and others to deliver as gifts to fellow Ukrainian Canadians who are emotionally affected by the war, along with messages of support.

She later decided they could be used to raise money for those who need help in Ukraine.

The fabric postcards she made are now available in exchange for donations at the gift shop at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada on Spadina Crescent E. The money raised through the postcards is being given to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

Fabric postcards were handcrafted by artists across North America. (Travis Reddaway/CBC)

Kinner said when they receive the fabric postcards with support notes, people are grateful.

“There’s just nothing more personal and caring than something handmade,” she said.

After seeing the interest and response from people about the postcards, Kinner knew she would not have time to keep supplying them on her own, so she put a call out to other quilters she knew across North America.

They began creating fabric postcards in support of the Ukrainian people. 

There are a variety of fabric postcards that were quilted by different people being sold as a fundraiser at the Ukrainian Museum. (Travis Reddaway/CBC)

The postcards are mailed to Kinner, who then delivers them to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada. So far, she’s delivered more than 200.

“I didn’t want to turn this into a profit for me. I wasn’t interested in that​​​​​​,” said Kinner. 

Jen Budney, the executive director of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, said since the start of the war, the museum has received many calls from people wanting to help and there has been an increase of visitors to the museum.

“There’s really no shortage of ways to get involved,” said Budney.

The museum has raised over $500 through the postcard project.

Saskatoon Morning5:30A textile artist has rallied people from around the world to create fabric postcards for people in Ukraine

Monika Kinner started a movement of artists from across North America who are making fabric postcards. Artists mail textiles directly to her, and then she delivers them to the Ukrainian Museum where they are being sold as a fundraiser.

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