Saskatoon Transit to now not require face masks, bodily distancing on buses as of Sunday

Physical distancing and masks will no longer be required on public transit as of Sunday.

Bus operators will be encouraged to continue the use of their vinyl barriers, but it too will no longer be required, Saskatoon Transit said in a news release. Buses will also no longer have capacity limits.

Bus operators will have the option to wear a mask and will be encouraged to continue using the vinyl barriers for safety, however they are not required.

“The health and safety of employees and customers remain a number one priority and enhanced cleaning protocols will continue, including the fogging of buses each night,” Saskatoon Transit said in the release.

Despite the news of a mask-free bus ride being an option now, several people who CTV News say they will continue wearing them for now.

“I just don’t want to get sick. I have grandchildren who I visit, and I also have a daughter that has a compromised immune system,” bus rider Sophia Thomas said.

“In one day how can things change so much? So it depends how many people are on the bus and stuff like that, but yes I probably will (wear a mask),” Eva Friesen said.

Both Thomas and Friesen agree that they felt safe with how Saskatoon Transit handled the pandemic, but they are still worried about others around them.

“I think they did a good job, they did a good job.  I felt quite safe being on the bus,” Friesen told CTV.

Even though she will continue to wear a mask, or at least bring one with her for the time being, Friesen says seeing a full bus after Sunday won’t stop her from getting on.

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