Saskatoon Zoo will get new practice

Visitors at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo will soon have a new and faster way to get around.

With the original Kinsmen Express from 1994 being on its last legs prior to the pandemic, zoo manager Jeff Mitchell decided it was time for an upgrade.

“We were able to go to the Kinsmen this year and present to them what the Kinsmen Express has meant to the community and talked to them about a brand new opportunity and they were all excited and jumped all over it,” Mitchell said.

The club donated $100,000 to bring the Kinsmen Express 2 to life. The new train is fully electric, has a sound system and can carry between 27 to 30 people. It’s also fully accessible with a wheelchair ramp.

During the ride, people will be able to learn more about the zoo and its animals while getting to see the sights from a front-row seat.

“From our bobcats to our prairie dogs to our new train, I’m always just such a huge advocate for the zoo and anytime we can bring something new and exciting, I’m just over the moon about it,” Michell said.

The Kinsmen Express 2 will be ready to board passengers on Friday and is free to ride. 

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