Saskatoon zoo’s residence for reptiles, amphibians and fish reopens

Saskatoon –

Temporary emergency homeless shelters can be set up in Saskatoon following a city council vote on Monday.

Renovations at the Affinity Learning Centre in the Forestry Farm Park & Zoo are nearly complete, according to the city.

“We have completely redesigned the layout of the Affinity Learning Centre and added some really amazing exhibits,” Jeff Mitchell, the zoo manager said.

The renovated facility will be home to:

  • Poison Dart Frogs

  • Hermann’s Tortoise

  • Ball Python

  • Western Tiger Salamander

  • Axolotl

  • Garter Snake

  • Blue-tongued Skink

  • Cichlids from Lake Malawi, Africa

The zoo is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and admission is by donation until the end of March.

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