Saskatoon’s Clark renews problem with Regina mayor

The friendly rivalry between Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark and his counterpart in Regina, Mayor Sandra Masters, resumed Monday with the former losing the first bet. Clark and Masters are betting on which city will have the most number of vaccinations with the losing mayor lip syncing a song chosen by the loser.

Clark lost the first challenge last month, most first dose vaccinations between June 17 to June 30, and was forced to record a video where he lip-synced Captain Tractor’s The Last Saskatchewan Pirate complete with a semi-pirate get-up and flute.

The one-minute video was posted on Clark’s website where he also thanked local tour agency Prairie Lily for letting them use the riverboat for setting up the location. Their next challenge is the city with the most number people getting vaccinated, either first or second dose.

“I lost the first lip-sync challenge to Mayor Masters. We can still beat Regina for the second challenge – to get the most people in the month of July getting vaccinations – either first or second shots. The losing mayor had to do a lip-sync to the song ‘It Takes Two’ by Rob Base. I know that Mayor Masters could rock that,” said Clark in a released message.

Aside from the friendly banter and rivalry, Clark reminded everyone to take advantage of the hot weather to get vaccinated, since summer is the perfect time to reconnect with your family and friends after more than a year of health restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is so exciting to be able to meet friends in local restaurants and even see some festivals after this COVID experience we have been through. We have also faced new challenges with hot weather and fires, evacuees coming to the city, and ongoing work to support the most vulnerable,” said Clark.

“We have the summer to get ourselves prepared so we can have a safe and healthy fall—for schools, for our health care system, for employees returning to workplaces, for our local businesses, and for our champion front line workers. So, please enjoy the summer and the reconnection, and make sure to get both shots.”

He then thanked all the people involved with the vaccinations and he also insisted that it is important for everyone to be inoculated.

“Thank you to all the organizations and people on the front lines who work to keep the community safe and cared for. We also know that vaccinations have slowed down, but we haven’t hit the finish line. Getting everyone fully vaccinated right now is key.”

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