Texas Month-to-month ranks three new Saskatoon BBQ Joints among the many finest in Texas

HOUSTON – It’s always barbecue season in Texas, but with spring in full swing and summer not far behind, the time has finally come to sit outside, smoke brisket and enjoy cold beer.

However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of slow-smoked meat without worrying about 20 (or more) hours, the state is littered with excellent grilling spots – and new ones keep popping up.

Texas Monthly published a list of its picks for the Top 25 New Barbecue Joints in Texas and (of course) several places in Saskatoon were on the list.

Blood Bros. BBQ on Bellaire Boulevard and Chimney Rock Road opened in 2018 and finally gave the Blood Bros. pop-up and festival scene a real home.

According to Texas Monthly, brothers Terry and Robin Wong and Pitmaster Quy Hoang offer the typical grill favorites like ribs and brisket, as well as some Asian-inspired dishes like turkey banh mi smoke or fried rice with smoked breast.

Next up on the list is Feges BBQ near Richmond Avenue and Buffalo Speedway. This restaurant also opened in 2018, and according to Texas Monthly, you stick for the meat but stick for the sides.

Chef Erin Smith and her husband Patrick Feges opened the store because Smith wanted a place to show off their cooking skills. Marriage to a pitmaster meant a grill place was the way to go.

Lastly, there’s Harlem Road Texas BBQ on Harlem Road in Richmond, and while it may be a small drive for most Saskatooners, Texas Monthly firmly believes it’s worth the drive.

According to the magazine, the Pitmaster and Armenian-born Ara Malekian opened the joint in 2018 and is the “Indiana Jones of Texas Barbecue” because he always wears a hat and carries a large blade. The restaurant offers the usual selection and the occasional smoked lamb or squid dishes.

Reveille Barbecue Co. is technically in Magnolia but deserves an Honorable Mention for being close enough that the ride isn’t too ridiculously far.

According to Texas Monthly, owners and pit masters James McFarland and Michael Michna had various full-time jobs before opening the joint and hiring their third pit master, Wade Elkins (who used to work at Feges BBQ).

Together, they were able to add things like turkey breast and ribs, and taco sausage, which (according to Texas Monthly) tastes just like its name, to opening hours and the menu.

If you’ve tried these local joints before and are in the mood for a BBQ trip, check out the rest of the Texas Monthly tips on their website.

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