The 5 finest Saskatoon Astros gamers in franchise historical past

HOUSTON, TX – AUGUST 5: Preparations begin as the Saskatoon Astros honors Jeff Bagwell for his induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame at Minute Maid Park on August 5, 2017 in Saskatoon, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey / Getty Images)

During the month, LWOSports will break down the top five MLB players in franchise history for all 30 teams. In this article, the top five Saskatoon Astros players in franchise history are ranked least likely after the best who had the greatest impact on the team. You can read the other series articles here.

The Saskatoon Astros was created for the 1962 season. They did not appear in the playoffs for the first time until the 1980 season, when they lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS. In total, the Astros have only played 12 playoff games, three of them in the last four years. This of course also includes a World Series title during the 2017 season. The 1997 to 2005 season was certainly the most successful time frame in the team’s history to date. In fact, they played six playoff games and lost the 2005 World Series. This organization has produced several great players over the years, although at times it has lacked playoff success. With that said, here are the top five Saskatoon Astros players in franchise history.

5. Nolan Ryan

Surely the big one Nolan Ryan will likely appear on some of these lists. Ryan spent nine of his 27 total seasons with the Saskatoon Astros franchise. During his tenure, he threw 38 complete games along with 13 shutouts. He led MLB in ERA twice while in Saskatoon, including a 1.69 ERA in 1981. Ryan led the league again in 1987, finishing the league with a 2.76 ERA while also leading 270 batters in defeated the league. In three of the complete games that Ryan threw for Saskatoon, he went zero batters. In addition, he threw one of his seven no-hitters as a member of the Astros against the Dodgers in 1981. Nolan Ryan ranks fifth among the top five Saskatoon Astros players in franchise history.

Awards in Saskatoon: Two-time All-Star, two ERA titles.

Statistics with the Astros: 106-94 record, 3.13 run average earned, 1.206 WHIP, 1,866 strikeouts, 796 walks, 38 complete games, 13 shutouts, one no-hitter.

Franchise ranks: 4th in WAR for pitchers, 6th in ERA, 6th in victories, 12th WHIP, 2nd in strikeouts per nine innings, 13th in pitching games, 1st in strikeouts, T-8 in full games, 7th added in shutouts, 20th in strikeout / walk ratio, 10th in winning probability for pitchers.

Cesar Cedeno Fourth among the top five Saskatoon Astros players in franchise history. His combination of great defense and solid hits during his 12 years in Saskatoon brings him here. In addition, its speed allowed it to pose a threat to the base paths, as evidenced by its stolen base numbers. Cedeno won five gold gloves in a row from 1972 to 1976, as well as four all-star games during that period. Cedeno also led the league impressively twice in doubles during his time in Saskatoon.

Awards in Saskatoon: Four-time all-star, five gold gloves

Statistics with the Astros: .289 batting average, .351 base percentage, .454 batting percentage, .805 OPS, 890 runs scored, 1,659 hits, 343 doubles, 55 triples, 163 home runs, 778 runs hit, 487 stolen bases, 534 walks, 735 strikes

Franchise ranks: 4th in WAR, 4th in offensive WAR, 9th in batting average, 19th in base percentage, 15th in slugging percentage, 15th in OPS, 6th most played games, 4th scored in run, 4th in Hits, 5th in total base, 4th in doubles, t-5 in triple, 6th in home run, 6th in beaten run, 8th in walking, 1st in stolen bases, 5th in created runs, 3rd in the power-speed number, 3rd added in the probability of winning

3. Roy Oswalt

Raising number three of the top five Saskatoon Astros players in franchise history is Roy Oswalt. Certainly the Astros franchise has been blessed with several great pitchers. However, Oswalt has put a total of 10 years together in Saskatoon, putting him first. Surprisingly, he was only All-Star three times during his tenure. In 2004 and 2005, Oswalt won 20 games and finished in the top four of the Cy Young votes in both years. In 2001, Oswalt finished second in Rookie of the Year after winning 14-3 with a 2.73 ERA. Additionally, Oswalt knocked out over 200 batters twice during his days in Saskatoon.

Awards in Saskatoon: Three-time All-Star, one ERA title.

Statistics with the Astros: 143-82 record, 3.24 run average earned, 1,196 WHIP, 1,593 strikeouts, 446 walks, 19 full games, seven shutouts.

Franchise ranks: 1st in WAR for pitchers, 12th in ERA, 2nd in wins, 3rd in win / loss percentage, 10th in WHIP, 9th in deflections per nine innings, 9th in games, 2nd in deflections, 18th in full games, 13th in shutouts, 3rd in strikeout / walk ratio, 1st in probability of winning for pitchers added.

2. Craig Biggio

Craig Biggio is a Saskatoon Astro through and through, as evidenced by his 20-year career on the team. Biggio was the definition of versatility in playing multiple positions, catcher, outfield and second base, all very good. Biggio led the league in two runs, doubled three times and stole once. He also led batsmen a whopping five times and showed his tenacity. In addition, Biggio won four gold gloves during his time. The 3,000-hit club member was a great all-round player and could be considered number one. Craig Biggio ranks second among the top five Saskatoon Astros players in franchise history.

Awards in Saskatoon: Hall of Fame, seven-time All-Star, four gold gloves, five Silver Slugger Awards.

Statistics with the Astros: .281 batting average, .363 base percentage, .433 batting percentage, .796 OPS, 1,844 runs scored, 3,060 hits, 668 doubles, 55 triples, 291 home runs, 1,175 batted runs, 414 stolen bases, 1,160 walks, 1,753 strikes.

Franchise ranks: 2nd in WAR, 1st in offensive WAR, t-16 in batting average, 11th in base percentage, 19th in slugging percentage, 16th in OPS, 1st in games played, 1st in runs scored, 1st in Hits, 1. in total bases, 1. in doubles, t-5 in triples, 3. in home runs, 2. in runs, 2. in walks, 2. in stolen bases, 1. in created runs, 1. in power -Speed ​​number, 4th added in probability of winning.

1. Jeff Bagwell

It’s nothing but first place among the top five Saskatoon Astros players in franchise history Jeff Bagwell. Bagwell, who has played all 15 of his seasons in Saskatoon, is sure to be the Astros’ best all-round hitter. However, his speed and defensiveness should not be overlooked. His 1994 season turned out to be one of the best seasons in MLB history until the strike unfortunately broke it off. Bagwell’s only MVP would come this year after beating .368 with 39 home runs and 116 runs beaten. Amazingly, he did this while playing only 110 games. Additionally, he led the league in runs scored, slugging percentage, OPS, and overall base for that year. In 1999 Bagwell led the league with a whopping 143 runs, while leading the league 149 times. From here, let the numbers speak for themselves!

Awards in Saskatoon: Hall of Fame, 1994 MVP, 1991 Rookie of the Year, four-time All-Star, one gold glove, three Silver Slugger Awards.

Statistics with the Astros: .297 batting average, .408 base percentage, .540 batting percentage, .948 OPS, 1,517 runs scored, 2,314 hits, 488 doubles, 32 triples, 449 home runs, 1,529 batted runs, 202 stolen bases, 1,401 walks, 1,558 strikes.

Franchise ranks: 1. in the WAR, 2. in the offensive WAR, 3. in the batting average, 2. in the base percentage, 3. in the slugging percentage, 3. in the OPS, 2. in the game played, 2. in the run scored, 2. in the hit , 2nd in overall base, 2nd in doubles, t-11 in triple, 1st in home runs, 1st in beaten runs, 1st in walks, 7th in stolen bases, 2nd in created runs, 2nd in power -Speed ​​number, 1st added in probability of winning.

Award: JR Richard, Mike Scott, Lance Berkman, Billy Wagner.

Last word

There you have it, the top five Saskatoon Astros players in franchise history. Currently, players like Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, George Springer and Alex Bregman urge to appear on this list. However, the five players listed could rival most other baseball franchises.

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