The Saskatoon mechanic offers with the aftermath after she says thieves are stealing all of their instruments

HOUSTON – A Saskatoon auto mechanic now faces the aftermath of losing all of her tools after she said her work truck broke down after taking a medical vacation.

“Bags of tools, boxes of tools … everything. It was just gone, ”said Devae Diodati, who has been a mechanic since she was 18. “This is my livelihood. This is how I make my money. ”

She had to take time off from work for medical reasons and parked her work car in the back of her apartment complex on December 2nd. However, over the next week she said she went to get something from the van and her heart had sunk.

“As I walked towards it, I noticed that the doors weren’t locked quite properly,” Diodati said quickly, realizing that things weren’t right. “The stern … it was ripped open. The locks were damaged. A dome lamp in front of the vehicle was damaged. ”

The worst part, however, was what she saw next.

“My tools were gone. Everything, ”said Diodati.

Diodati said that after listing the missing items, she counted that she lost approximately $ 10,000 worth of work tools.

“I lost several sets of quarter-inch and 3 / 8s and 1/2 in bushings, deep and shallow,” Diodati said, listing other tools. “I asked my neighbors if they caught something on their cameras that they didn’t. I spoke to the front office. “

She said she filed a report with the police but heard nothing about it.

At the moment she said she set up a GoFundMe page to help make up for her losses. She said she has a 3 year old son to look after. At the moment she said her hands were tied.

“I just don’t know what to do because I need these tools to get my job done. And I can’t buy these tools without money that I don’t have, ”said Diodati.

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