The place to donate in Saskatoon this fundraising season?

The year may be coming to an end, but the Saskatoon area remains in great need as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues.

Several organizations in the Saskatoon area have stepped up to help families struggling during this time. And just because the year is over doesn’t mean they are no longer helping.

If you have the chance, here are some organizations in the Saskatoon area that are providing COVID-19 relief that could benefit from donations.

Food banks cater to more and more families this year as food insecurity rises across the country. The Saskatoon Food Bank serves food insecure people in 18 counties in southeast Texas. Every US dollar donated provides three meals to those in need. You can also host a food drive at your workplace, in your neighborhood, or in your place of worship.

For those who lost a loved one during the pandemic, grief can be even more difficult to deal with while we are all encouraged to stay home. Bo’s Place helps connect grieving families in the Saskatoon area with resources and support services in English and Spanish. Donations help with daily expenses, and Bo’s Place also has an Amazon wish list of requested deliveries.

To help families struggling to buy food for their pets (and to keep animals at home and outside the shelter), the Saskatoon Humane Society has a pantry of food and other supplies. You can donate money to fill the pantry or send an item from the Humane Society wish list to Target, Amazon, or Walmart.

It’s no secret that artists, musicians, performers, and other entertainment workers struggled as we were all attached to our homeland. The Saskatoon Arts Alliance has set up a lost wage supplement fund that helps artists pay rent, food, and other basic necessities. The fund has raised over $ 300,000 in the past few months.

The pandemic has been stressful for everyone, but some are struggling more than others. The Harris Center operates the nationwide COVID-19 mental health support line 24/7 and a free virtual support group for healthcare workers in Harris County.

Harris County’s COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line is available at 833-986-1919.

The Southeast Texas Food Bank serves eight counties near Saskatoon, including Counties Orange and Jefferson. A $ 10 donation can help provide up to 40 meals for the community.

If you’d like to volunteer instead …

Volunteer Saskatoon has activated its Virtual Volunteer Reception Center to connect Saskatooners who want to volunteer with organizations that could use a number of hands. Find multiple options in town, from mentoring programs to food preparation.

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