The place to eat now in downtown Saskatoon

The Food Court Mall is back! This time with cook-controlled food and small microbreweries.

Saskatoon’s craze for the downtown food hall has only grown since the Conservatory, 1010 Prairie, opened in 2016. Finn Hall, 712 Main, is the latest debut, a sprawling common space that houses the Dish Society, Goode Co. Taqueria, Craft Burger, and Amaya Coffee, Ebbe, Mala Sichuan, and a host of other establishments. Like the Conservatory, this destination provides the bustling downtown crowd with a spot for coffee, lunch, and after-work happy hour.

>>> In the gallery above you can see where to eat in downtown Saskatoon.

More food halls are expected to open in the city center this year. The Bravery Chef Hall, slated to open last summer, will stand out from similar concepts by focusing on cook-oriented cuisine. When Lyric Market, another food hall, opens at 411 Smith this year, it will provide Saskatooners with a place to eat with an inside-out view of downtown. A 4,000 square foot terrace offers the ultimate in urban al fresco dining.

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The owners of the Bravery Chef Hall and Conservatory have another ace up their sleeves: Railway Heights is expected to open at 8200 Washington Ave. later this year. It will also be a place for Saskatooners to visit and choose from a number of different cuisines, but this one will be in the Washington Corridor.

Aside from these mega-food malls, Saskatoon’s well-known downtown favorites remain: Hubcap Grills original location, Huynh Restaurant and Treebeards. As for newer local locations, La Calle Tacos & Tortas is relatively new to downtown but has already generated a loyal clientele from weekday lunch to late weekend.

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