The Riel store with Saskatoon’s rock star boss and chosen cheesesteaks

As part of this week’s “What’s Eric Eating” Riel Chef Owner Ryan Lachaine Eric Cultureler, Food Editor of CultureMap, discusses his turbulent year with him. Despite the challenges of operating during a pandemic, he has found a number of creative ways to keep his doors open.

Lachaine was last seen on the show a few days before government officials ordered a temporary shutdown of indoor dining. Since then he has been offering take-away, creating a ghost kitchen sandwich concept, picking up his favorite fast food menu items and becoming head chef at the Commons Club restaurant at the Virgin Hotel in Nashville. With all this going, Sandler asks Lachaine if he’s looking forward to 2021.

“You have to stay positive. I hope it works,” Lachaine replies. “That kept me and my staff going. Let’s try to stay positive and do what we can. We can only control what happens in the restaurant.”

Before the interview, co-hosts Matt Harris and Sandler discuss the week’s news. Her topic includes: some of the reasons 2020 was a good year for Saskatoon restaurants; Van Leeuwen’s plans to open ice cream parlors in Saskatoon; and three new openings – Rekordbar 93 ‘Til, Kanau Sushi and Tiny Champions, the new pizza and pasta concept from the owners of Nancy’s Hustle.

In the restaurants of the weekly section, they discuss recent meals at Better Luck Tomorrow and Lefty’s Famous Cheesesteaks, the Michigan-based restaurant owned by Saskatoon Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

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