These are the best in Saskatoon of all – for 2019

HOUSTON – The winners of the 11th annual Gingerbread Build-Off of the Architecture Center Saskatoon (ArCH) have been named.

The coveted award for the “Grand Prix de Show” went to Jackson Ryan & Associates for “Gru’s House from Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” and “Public Favorite” for a winter ski scene to Corgan.

More than 3,000 spectators watched on December 7th as teams meticulously craft gingerbread houses and themed structures from edible building materials.

Entries represented a variety of topics ranging from classic traditional holidays to non-holidays to Saskatoon landmarks, fairy tales, references to pop culture films, and out of this world space themes (a special competition category this year in honor of Apollo Moon landing).

Here are the 2019 winners and their stunning creations:

Grand Prix de Show – Jackson & Ryan Architects – Inspired by Despicable Me: Min’s Mayhem’s Gru’s House

· 1st runner-up – VLK Architects – Inspired by the Griswold house during National Lampoon’s Christmas break


· Second place – LUCID + Common Bond Bakery – A classic bakery during the holidays


· Best Gingerbread in Space – PDR – A gingerbread in space


· Best Saskatoon-Centric – GLMV Architects – Drawing from Saskatoon-themed – Space City and the Be Someone Bridge


· Best Vacation Theme – VLK Architects – Inspired by the Griswold House on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

· Best non-holiday theme – Page / – Drawing “Turn the pages” from fairy tales – Frozen, Cinderella, Rapunzel


· Most creative interpretation of materials – method architecture – Harry Potter: A Quidditch game

· Tallest Standing Structure – Element Architects – A Santa Space Launch

High School Challenge Winner – Galveston Ball High School – Ad Astra Per Aspera (through difficulty to the stars)


Public favorite – Corgan – winter ski scene


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